WPSimplifyd’s WordPress maintenance and support service safely and regularly updates WordPress, themes, and plugins for you. The service also locks out bad guys and checks for malware every day. And if your website goes down, WPSimplifyd takes immediate action to bring it back online as soon as possible. And yes, your website is also backed up daily and stored at a secure, off-site location.

But WPSimplifyd isn’t your typical WordPress maintenance and support provider. To begin with, you’ll always work directly with the same, experienced, U.S.-based WordPress developer, who is eager to establish a good rapport with you and your team.

In addition to performing all of the services mentioned above, your dedicated WordPress expert proactively inspects your website each month to help identify critical issues — before they get out of hand. These mini-audits cover content, design, technology, security, SEO, and CRO (conversion rate optimization).

For example, perhaps you have no idea that your WordPress website was accidentally configured to block search engines. Or maybe you don’t realize that your website is infected with malware that redirects Google-referred visitors to a nefarious website. Maybe you don’t know that your contact form stopped working after that last update. Or, that a single image on your home page is causing high bounce rates. These are just a few of the many issues that WPSimplifyd has actually found and corrected on clients’ websites, as a result of these monthly inspections.

Another big difference? WPSimplifyd actually has the design and development chops to customize, or even completely overhaul, your WordPress website. Maybe you thought it was time to spend $10,000+ on a new website, when all you really needed was a more experienced WordPress designer/developer who could improve your existing site at one-third of the cost. Yes, this too, actually happened. In fact, you’ll be happy to know that your  WPSimplifyd plan includes up to 1 hour of consulting, design, and/or development time per month!

But sometimes, you just want answers. WPSimplifyd is not a do-it-yourself SAAS platform, nor a multinational sweatshop that provides canned responses for every stumbling block you trip over. Maybe you just need someone to show you how to upload and optimize an image — on your particular site. Or, maybe you can’t publish a blog post due to a mysterious technical glitch. Or, it is indeed time for a new website, and you just need some unbiased advice from a pro.

In summary, WPSimplifyd gets it. You’re too busy running a business; wrestling with marketing metrics; or managing an IT department to maintain your website. Or, maybe you’re an agency responsible for your clients’ websites. In either case, there’s no need to hire another employee just to spend a few hours of work on your website each month. Just sign up for WPSimplifyd, and do your thing!

The Story Behind WPSimplifyd

WPSimplifyd was established in 2016 by Oddo Design — a custom web design and web development firm in Austin, Texas that works exclusively on WordPress-powered websites.

Why the spinoff? Oddo Design has been creating custom websites since 1994 and WordPress websites exclusively since 2009. When new websites were launched, many clients needed ongoing maintenance and support. To better accommodate the needs of these small businesses, WPSimplifyd was born.

Save Time and Prevent Costly Mistakes.

WPSimplifyd is a WordPress maintenance and support provider in Austin, Texas that takes charge of the technical challenges associated with running a successful website — so you can run a successful business.

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