wordpress maintenance and support service

WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

WPSimplifyd is a WordPress maintenance and support services provider in Austin, Texas that takes charge of the technical challenges associated with running a successful website — so that you can focus on what you do best.

With WPSimplifyd on your side, your website is regularly inspected and maintained by an experienced, U.S.-based WordPress expert who can resolve your biggest headaches. From identifying and cleaning hacked websites; to quickly restoring downed websites; to identifying serious SEO issues blocking all search engine traffic; to putting an end to vulgar form submission spam; and so much more.

But WPSimplifyd is all about preventative maintenance and catching issues before they affect your bottom line!

Plan Features

One Plan Does It All. Simple as That.

WordPress Maintenance & Support - WordPress Support

WordPress Support

Work directly with an experienced WordPress expert to improve your website and/or expand your knowledge of WordPress. Includes up to 1 hour of consulting, design, and/or development time per month.

WordPress Maintenance & Support - Monthly Website Inspections

Monthly Website Inspections

Each month, your WordPress expert identifies critical issues before they get out of hand. These inspections cover content, design, technology, search engine optimization, and conversion rate optimization.

WordPress Maintenance & Support - Security Hardening & Monitoring

Security Hardening & Monitoring

WPSimplifyd installs and configures a WordPress premium security plugin and employs a variety of techniques to guard against brute-force attacks; lock out bad guys; and quickly detect and remove malware.

WordPress Maintenance & Support - Spam Filtering with Akismet

Spam Filtering

WPSimplifyd blacklists known spammers and filters out annoying spam sent via your website’s submission forms — before they reach your inbox. Blog post comments are also filtered for spam.

WordPress Maintenance & Support - Performance Monitoring & Tuning

Performance Monitoring & Tuning

WPSimplifyd keeps an eye on your website’s key performance indicators to measure and improve page speed.

WordPress Maintenance & Support - Safe WordPress, Theme, & Plugin Updates

Safe WordPress, Theme, & Plugin Updates

WPSimplifyd updates WordPress, Themes, and Plugins for you — on a copy of your website before rolling them out to your live site. Your site is backed up beforehand; then visually inspected for anomalies afterward.

WordPress Maintenance & Support - Cloud Backups

Cloud Backups

Your entire website (files and database) are backed up at least once a day. They are stored securely in the cloud — not on the same server as your live website (which could potentially expose them to hackers).

WordPress Maintenance & Support - Down Monitoring

Down Monitoring

Your website is monitored continuously for down time. If your website or host goes down, WPSimplifyd takes immediate action to bring it back online as soon as possible.

WordPress Maintenance & Support - Reports & Notifications

Reports & Notifications

WPSimplifyd’s monthly reports include: critical issues; page speed; brute-force attacks; banned IP addresses; software updates; server down time, and more.

About WPSimplifyd

Incredibly, the world’s most popular content management system — WordPress and most of the plugins that make it so powerful — are available free of charge. But technology marches on. Without proper WordPress maintenance and support, your website will gradually become unwieldy and practically unfixable. Before you know it, it’s time to shell out more money for a new website.

Here’s an idea: why not take care of the website you already have? That’s exactly what WPSimplifyd does for you.

WPSimplifyd was established in 2016 by Oddo Design, after a decade of creating custom WordPress websites for small businesses.

WordPress Maintenance & Support by WPSimplifyd

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