WPS Safe Update Service

The WPS Safe Update service frees you of the mundane, yet critically important task of regularly and safely updating your WordPress core files, themes, and plugins.

WordPress Update Service

The Importance of Regular Updates

Reputable software developers periodically release updates to improve security, performance, and reliability of your computer, phone, and other devices.

Your WordPress website is no exception. Without regular updates (at least monthly), you will jeopardize the well-being of your website. And the longer you postpone the updates, the more difficult it is to update your website in the future.

You see, a simple plugin update for example, can take down your entire website. If you wait to update your WordPress, theme, and/or plugins for months, it will be more difficult to isolate the buggy plugin, and bring your website back online.

Why You Need the WPS Safe Update Service by WPSimplifyd

There’s a right way, and a wrong way to update your WordPress-related software. Many website owners naively click on the “update now” link to update their software. That works about 98% of the time. But this approach is like playing Russian roulette.

WPSimplifyd backs up your entire website immediately before the updates. Then, your software is manually updated and tested, one by one, by an experienced WordPress developer on a copy of your website— not on your live website.

Once your website has been tested, the updates are made, again, one-by-one, on your live site. Rest assured that if your website goes down as a result of a plugin update, WPSimplifyd knows how to get your website back online— fast.

Furthermore, your website is monitored daily for outdated software. But sometimes, updating software too soon, can be a bad thing. WPSimplifyd knows when to update your software, and does so for you, on a proactive basis.

Save Time. Prevent Costly Mistakes.

WPSimplifyd is a WordPress maintenance and support service that fights hackers and malware; monitors for downtime; safely updates WordPress, themes, and plugins; and more.

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