WPS Security Protection & Monitoring

The WPS Security Protection & Monitoring service included with your WPSimplifyd plan, is like a state-of-the-art security system for your website.

WordPress Security Monitoring

Why WPS Security Protection & Monitoring are Essential

Most companies and individuals with WordPress websites do not know even when their websites are being attacked— until the damage has been done.

Was your website just hacked? If so, contact WPSimplifyd immediately.

In the meantime, let’s consider some of WordPress’ vulnerabilities…

Web Hosting Security

Many are surprised to learn that web hosting plays a crucial role in securing your website. You see, WordPress cannot possibly run without each of the following:

  • Web server software like Apache or Nginx;
  • Server-side preprocessing software that executes PHP code;
  • MySQL database server software that stores your website data

If your web host runs poorly configured and/or outdated software, your website will be more vulnerable— no matter what we do to secure WordPress. Therefore, stay away from budget hosting companies! See why WPSimplifyd recommends WP Engine.

Keeping WordPress Secure

Contrary to what WordPress opponents will tell you, the WordPress core (i.e., WordPress itself) is actually quite secure. But you must stay on top of the software updates. WordPress issues security updates several times per year. You must not ignore these security updates. But of course, if you have a WPSimplifyd plan, these updates will be done for you.

Themes and Plugins Can Make Your Website Vulnerable

Like WordPress itself, reputable developers update their themes and plugins frequently. Staying on top of these updates is also essential. You should proactively update all themes and plugins at least monthly when they are available. But again, WPSimplifyd does this for you!

Other WordPress Vulnerabilities

Unfortunately, the threat of getting hacked won’t be eliminated simply by choosing a good web host and updating software. You’ll need to be vigilant. Here are a few things you’ll need to do:

  • Scan your website daily for malware
  • Always have fresh, malware-scanned backups on hand
  • Monitor your website 24/7 for suspicious activity
  • Only use themes and plugins from trusted sources
  • Use secure username and passwords

How WPSimplifyd Can Protect Your Website

There’s actually a lot more to WordPress Security Monitoring and Hardening than you probably care to know. But mere knowledge, isn’t enough— you must also have time to do the work in a competent manner. When you sign up, WPSimplfiyd will guard your website like a watchdog…

WPSimplifyd’s Security Monitoring Service Fights Against Brute-Force Attacks

When a hacker attempts to break into your WordPress dashboard (known as a brute-force attack), WPSimplifyd is notified immediately, and is ready to take action.

Sometimes the user (or “host”) is temporarily locked out. But for more severe cases, WPSimplifyd permanently bans them from your website. WPSimplifyd can also whitelist legitimate WordPress administrators to prevent them from being locked out by accident.

WPSimplifyd Hardens Your WordPress Website

Here are few things that WPSimplifyd’s security monitoring service does for your WordPress website:

  • Monitors your website 24/7 for brute-force attacks
  • Uses ban lists to keep known bad guys out
  • Watches for suspicious file changes that occur on your website
  • Disables unused WordPress features that can be exploited by hackers
  • Checks to make sure you’re not relying on easy-to-guess usernames
  • Scans your website and website backups daily with Securi for malware
  • Uses Google reCAPTCHA for an additional layer of WordPress dashboard login security
  • Enforces the use of strong passwords
  • etc.

WPSimplifyd is More Than a Security Monitoring Service

Remember— WPSimplifyd is a complete solution for your WordPress website. As such, WPSimplifyd also offers the following:

  • WordPress, theme, and plugin updates
  • Cloud Backups
  • Server downtime monitoring
  • Performance/speed monitoring
  • WordPress development and support
  • Monthly reports and notifications
  • Web Hosting migrations
  • etc.

Save Time. Prevent Costly Mistakes.

WPSimplifyd is a WordPress maintenance and support service that fights hackers and malware; monitors for downtime; safely updates WordPress, themes, and plugins; and more.

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