WordPress Backup Service

WPSimplifyd’s WordPress backup service includes the daily backup of your website’s files and database to the cloud for safe storage and fast retrieval.

WordPress Backup Service

Disaster Recovery for Your WordPress Website

Running a website without a backup plan is like walking a high wire without a safety net. That’s why WPSimplifyd’s backup service is included.

If your website is hacked, or is accidentally modified, it may be necessary to restore certain files, or even the entire website.

While some hosting companies make backups of your website, the restoration process may be difficult and time-consuming. When there is a problem with your website, you need help fast.

Why WPSimplifyd’s WordPress Backup Service

WPSimplifyd stores up to 2 weeks of your website’s files and database. These backups are stored offsite, in the cloud— not on the same server as your website.

WPSimplifyd has direct access to your backups and can quickly restore your website for if it becomes necessary.

Save Time. Prevent Costly Mistakes.

WPSimplifyd is a WordPress maintenance and support service that fights hackers and malware; monitors for downtime; safely updates WordPress, themes, and plugins; and more.

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