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Best Hosting for WordPress: WPEngine

Most small businesses with a WordPress website give very little consideration to web hosting, until they have a serious problem on their hands. The problems I’m referring to include: security breaches; excessive server downtime; the lack of a staging server; stale (or...

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Website Maintenance and Why You Need It

Is your website maintenance plan adequate? WordPress, themes, and plugins are constantly revised by their respective developers to fix bugs; add new features; and refine usability. And that's a good thing! But staying on top of these frequent updates isn't enough. A...

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Email Hosting: When Your Web Host Doesn’t Offer Email

Until I began hosting my websites at WP Engine, web hosting and email hosting were a package deal. Back then, if I purchased a hosting plan with almost any other hosting provider, email was included. In fact, the lack of email hosting with WP Engine was a…

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WPCompendium.org offers a wealth of information and non-technical WordPress training for new hands-on WordPress website owners.

WP Engine

Simply put, WP Engine is the best hosting provider for WordPress.

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