Divi Theme Support and Maintenance

Since 2013, Divi — the world’s most popular WordPress Theme — has been updated by Elegant Themes over 380 times! That’s about 50 updates per year! That’s exactly why proper Divi theme support and maintenance are critically important.

Of course, these releases address a variety of issues — from bug fixes to security vulnerabilities. Plus, new features are added quite frequently. Making sure your Divi website is regularly and safely updated, and keeping up with its expanding feature-set is a tall order — unless you subscribe to a WPSimplifyd maintenance, security, and support plan.

You see, WPSimplifyd knows Divi inside and out. That’s because the company that founded, owns, and operates WPSimplifyd (Oddo Design), uses Divi exclusively to build new, high-end custom websites, and also customizes and fixes others’ Divi websites. If something on your Divi website isn’t working as expected, WPSimplifyd can save you hours of frustration and thousands of dollars.

Why WPSimplifyd for Divi Theme Support and Maintenance

Since Divi is frequently updated by Elegant Themes, it’s important to know when to upgrade and what to do if something goes wrong with your website. WPSimplifyd closely monitors Divi special interest groups and product  announcements. If there is a chance that your plugins may conflict with a new Divi release, WPSimplifyd may hold-off on the update. However, if something does go wrong, Divi alone can be rolled back to a previous version — rather than restoring your entire website from a backup. At times, the fix is as simple as clearing Divi Builder’s “Static CSS File Generation” cache.

Unexpected results may also occur if your website was not built with a child theme. If that’s the case, your modifications may be lost during the update. The worst practice of all is to work directly on Divi’s core files. That’s a sure way to lose custom work, and unfairly blame it all on Divi.

Another common, unfair criticism, particularly among novices, is that Divi underperforms. However, budget hosting; excessive use of plugins; unoptimized images; excessive animation; and the loading of resources from other web servers; can slow any website to a crawl, whether it was built with Divi or not.

In addition, Divi’s new performance settings, may go unnoticed by a WordPress maintenance provider who doesn’t know how Divi works. WPSimplifyd can help identify and fix the true causes of a poorly performing website.

Worst of all, a WordPress maintenance service provider who is unfamiliar with Divi, may tell you it’s time for a new website! Even if it’s time for a complete redesign, you do not necessarily have to start completely from scratch or abandon the Divi framework altogether. WPSimplifyd can help you make incremental improvements to extend the life of your website, and in the process, easily save you thousands of dollars.

Why not work with a Divi expert for website maintenance, security, and support?!

WPSimplifyd — for WordPress Websites With or Without Divi

Whether your WordPress website was built with Divi or not, it’s important to identify critical issues before they get out of hand, and become unnecessarily expensive to repair. That’s why WPSimplifyd’s monthly website inspection is a welcome addition for so many clients. And whether you need an hour or less of expert help (included in your plan), or have more ambitions plans, WPSimplifyd is here to help. Learn more about the extensive list of services included in your WPSimplifyd plan.

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